December 4

The End of 3-Year Tour for Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

As we all know, Garth Brooks is about to put an end to his three-year world tour with his wife. The successful record-breaking tour took Brooks to an unforgettable and emotional joyride, as he would describe it.

From kick-starting his world tour in 2014 to finally wrapping it up this December in Nashville, the multi-awarded country singer now has to take a long hard look back at all the 383 shows that helped shaped his career into what it is today.

You see me smiling but you see me kind of getting teary-eyed.”, he shares. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster. It’s been three years of your life with your best buddies out there so you’re proud of your work but at the same time you hate to see it end because this is how you become accustomed to your days.”

For Garth Brooks, it wasn’t just the end of a series of amazing performances across the state. Ending his tour also meant bidding goodbye to the group of people he has grown to appreciate and consider his second family during the tour. Well, as they say, all good things come to an end.

But does the end of Garth Brooks’ world tour spell nothing but bittersweet goodbyes and episodic silence for his career? Definitely not.

Brooks is closing one long musical journey, but he is also opening multiple new opportunities to continue his passion for country music. In fact, he already has a couple of brand new projects waiting in line. The first was the release of his 200-page hardcover book titled, The Anthology Part 1: The First Five Years, which features archived and never-before-seen personal photos of the artist throughout the duration of his career from 1989-1993.

The book is also written and conceptualized based on the perspective and anecdotes of his longtime producer, Allen Reynolds. The idea is to provide a different perspective when recalling the humble beginnings as well as the impressive development of Garth Brooks as a successful country singer.

I had never heard the stories from the other side. It’s cool to hear the stories from their side. I learned a lot actually about the Garth Brooks career just through them. It’s the stories from the guys that never talked. These players they play on records and no one ever interviews them. The producer is one of the most modest men who’s ever walked the streets here in Nashville. I enjoyed thoroughly reading their thoughts because they’re our heart and soul.”

Now that the first book is finally out, there will still be more to come from this anthology. The succeeding parts of the books will be released in the next five or six years, so fans will surely have a lot to look forward to from their idol.

According to Garth Brooks,

“You’re seeing the journey not only of the artist but also you’re seeing the journey of the songs that makes the artist what an artist is.”


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