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“If Tomorrow Never Comes:” Garth Brooks’ Signature Song


American singer-songwriter and Oklahoman native Troyal Garth Brooks or just simply known as Garth Brooks is popular for his distinct sound integrating rock and roll elements into the Country music. His songs have been well-loved, covered, and sung in occasions namely, parties, reunions, and the like. Having said such, Brooks is one of the best-selling artists of all time around the world. Most noteworthy, he has released 7 albums that earned Diamond in the United States. As a result, this made him the only artist in music history to have claimed such a feat.

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Garth Brooks |Photo Credits: ticketmaster.com

Furthermore, Garth Brooks has also recorded chart-topping hits amassing awards from different award-giving institutions. He was nominated at the Grammy for 13 times which has resulted to 2 awards win. On October 21, 2012, he was inducted into the Country music Hall of Fame while the following year, he was also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

This time, we celebrate a true country music artist who has paved the way to giving country music its contemporary tune. Among his greatest songs is nothing but his signature song. In an interview, Garth Brooks admitted that “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is his signature one. Truly, many other else, especially his fans, definitely agree. If you ever hear this play, you will certainly think of no one but Garth!

About the Song

A definite country music hit in 1989, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was originally recorded and performed by Oklahoma-born Garth Brooks. It was Brooks’ second single from his self-titled debut studio album. Brooks himself together with fellow songwriter Kent Blazy conceptualized and wrote the song. In addition, it did not just appear on his album once. Rather, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” also appeared on three later albums namely, The Hits, The Limited Series, and Double Live. American record producer and songwriter Allen Reynolds produced this three-minute song for Capitol Records, Inc.

"If Tomorrow Never Comes:" Garth Brooks' Signature Song 2
Garth Brooks |Photo Credits: robynnscorner.949starcountry.com

Furthermore, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is a massive hit for Garth Brooks. In fact, he and many fans consider it as his signature song. Moreover, the song was his first number-one single on the Billboard Country Singles chart. In Canada, on the other hand, it peaked at no. 2 on the RPM Country Tracks. Also, the song appeared on the year-end charts for two years. It reached no. 84 on the Billboard Country Songs while it placed no. 48 on the RPM Country Tracks both in 1989. The following year, it went at no. 75  on the Billboard Country Songs chart.

Subsequently, it has become one of Brooks’ most famous hits for artists to cover and perform. In 1991, the song, eventually, was named Favorite Country Single in the American Music Awards.

Story Behind the Song

This beautifully made song narrates a man who is lying awake one night. He was thinking about what would his lover think if he were to die the following day. In fact, the first line in the chorus expresses his question:

“If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I love her?”

He then makes a comparison to the situation he has had with his own lost loved ones. In one occasion, Brooks, however, said that this song is about a love of a father to his daughter. Thinking of his daughter’s future without him, the father constantly realizes the importance of time with her.

Garth Brooks’ Thoughts

If Tomorrow Never Comes” was one of the first songs recorded and released by Brooks and it is his very first country love song. In the CD booklet liner notes from his second compilation album, The Hits, Brooks mentioned this song, in particular, that this is his signature song:

“‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ will probably always be my signature song. I ran the idea for this song by what seemed like a thousand writers and no one really seemed to understand what I was looking for. On the day that Bob Doyle, my co-manager, introduced me to Kent Blazy, I passed this idea by Kent and he had the first verse down within fifteen seconds. I could tell he just felt it. Kent Blazy is a wonderful man, full of love and energy, and if we never write again, I hope that we are always friends first. Thank you Ireland for this moment.

WATCH: Garth Brooks performs his signature song, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” live in 1990.

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Garth Brooks, if tomorrow never comes

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