December 20

Garth Brooks Wrote A Song that People Can Connect With

Billboard included “What She’s Doing Now” to be one of Garth Brooks’ best songs on their list. It was ranked as number one on the Critic’s Picks list.

Garth Brooks and Pat Alger

Garth Brooks and Pat Alger wrote the song in 1990. It was then recorded and released by Brooks in 1991. However, he wasn’t the first artist to record it. In 1990, Crystal Gayle released her version on her album Ain’t Gonna Worry. Gayle’s version didn’t enter the chart because it wasn’t released as a single.

Chart Performance of “What She’s Doing Now”

Brooks’ recording of his song became a hit. It reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Therefore, giving him his eighth number one song. “What She’s Doing Now” became part of his album Ropin’ the Wind, which has five singles that entered the top ten of the Billboard country chart. In addition to his song “What She’s Doing Now” reaching number one, two more songs from the album also secured the same spot (“Shameless” and “The River”).

When Writing A Song…

Many songwriters don’t just write a song for the sake of selling it. They write songs that they have experienced or songs that people will get to understand. It’s easy to capture a person’s interest when you have something in common. Therefore, if a song has words that people can relate with, then they will love that song. This is what Garth wants when he writes songs. He wants people to relate to the song, and that is why he wrote “What She’s Doing Now.”

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In his compilation the Hits, he explained how he came about in writing his song “What She’s Doing Now.” He said that the idea of the song happened a long time ago. He then shared his idea to Pat Alger who suddenly said,

“I wonder if she knows what she’s doing now to me?”

He knew then that Alger had something in mind. And now, “What She’s Doing Now” came to life.

The Song’s Story

The song is all about a man wondering where’s his ex-lover now. He constantly thinks of what she’s doing at the moment. We’ve all been there, thinking about someone, what they are doing, where they are or are they with someone new already. It’s a universal experience once you fall out of a relationship.

Garth definitely wrote a song that each one of us knows how it feels like. No wonder it reached the top of the charts and became the number one choice on the Billboard’s Critic’s Picks.


Garth Brooks, Ropin’ the Wind, What She's Doing Now

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