December 7

Garth Brooks’ Prudential Center Show Shrouded in the Dark

Just last Sunday, Garth Brooks was prepped to perform in front of dozens of fans at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. As the fans awaited Brooks’ entrance to the stage, the lights suddenly went off. The entire arena went dark around 10 minutes before the clock struck 8 p.m. and left the crowd shocked and uneasy.

At that time, a warm-up act was also ongoing prior to Brooks’ main entrance.

Thankfully, the fans did not waiver, instead, chose to sing together while they waited for the lights to be turned back on. They all sang “Friends in Low Places”, a comforting chorus and tune that helped everyone get by despite the anxieties and fears creeping in in the dark. After all, it wasn’t long since the recent instances of gun violence during a country music concert.

Aside from singing, fans also tweeted pictures of the dark arena while they waited.

Twitter user Jaime posted a picture and captioned it with, “They’ve made announcements that it’s a technical issue and to remain seated. Back up lights are on.” Later on, another fan, Eayoub, tweeted that the lights were back on. The emergency lights were reportedly turned on, and the sound and video screens were up and running again before 8:30 p.m. By 9 p.m., the power was finally restored and the Prudential Center arena seemingly came back to life with lights. As the concert went on as planned, the Public Service Electric & Gas continued monitoring to determine the cause of the power outage.

The Prudential Center also tweeted about the sudden technical glitch. “At approximately 7:50 p.m. tonight Prudential Center experienced a brief power outage. Power was quickly restored and tonight’s performance is proceeding as scheduled.” Later on, they expressed their thanks to Garth Brooks and his wife for their wonderful performances at the said venue. Prior to his Sunday night concert, Brooks had already performed in the arena on Friday and Saturday. “Thank you @garthbrooks and @trishayearwood for 3 spectacular shows at #PruCenter! #GARTHinNewark”.

In the end, Garth Brooks still got to sing to his heart’s content while his fans got to enjoy a great concert.


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