July 21

The Unexpected Proposal in a Garth Brooks Concert

Garth Brooks is one of those country artists who never fail to surprise his fans. In his concert in Oklahoma City, he yet again dropped a bomb when he called out a couple who interrupted his performance when the man proposed to his girlfriend.

In the middle of his song, “Unanswered Prayers,” Dew Bargsley of Hurst, Texas proposed to Chelsea Townsend.


The Unexpected Proposal in a Garth Brooks Concert 1

He first surprised her with tickets to the Garth Brooks concert in Oklahoma City, and as the singer played his acoustic love song “Unexpected Prayers,” he dropped down to one knee.

“Everyone in our section made a big uproar about it and he was on the acoustic part of the song so he just stopped,” Bargsley said. “I literally stood up and I was like, ‘What’s going on? What’s the big deal?’ and everybody was turned around looking at me.”

The unknowing couple did not have any idea that Brooks noticed what was happening in the audience. After asking their names, Garth asked Drew if he had planned the proposal he made. Drew said that he has been working on this proposal for three months along with the hope that Garth would sing “Unanswered Prayers” at the concert they will be in.

“For that little 30, 40 seconds, it was just him and us,” Bargsley recalled. “Everyone else disappeared. We were shaking and not trying to say anything stupid.”

After which, Brooks asked Chelsea where she wanted to go on her honeymoon, she responded that she had “no idea.” Brooks then replied that if she chose Hawaii, he and his wife (Trisha Yearwood) would pay for it.

Later, representatives approached the newly engaged couple and took down their information.

“I just wanted her to say yes — that’s all I ever wanted,” Drew admitted. “She deserves the best in the world and all I wanted was for her to say yes to be my wife.”

 “Before we go back, is anybody else getting engaged tonight?” Brooks said before continuing the song.

Brooks stopped again, when his wife, suddenly joined him on stage. Yearwood congratulated the newly engaged couple as Brooks informed her that he had “spent some money.” Yearwood gave her approval and wished the Drew and Chelsea well.

A fan who witnessed the interaction said he was not surprised to see the country star’s generosity.

“I’ve always heard great stories about Garth, and it’s spectacular for him to give back to his fans,” concertgoer Chaz Cook told InsideEdition.com.

Watch the exciting event as Garth Brooks surprised the couple.



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