November 13

What Are Garth Brooks’ Plans Post-World Tour?

Garth Brooks is finally wrapping up his highly acclaimed World Tour that was first launched on September 4, 2014. Prior to his massive hit tour, Brooks went on a thirteen-year-long retirement. Walking out from the music industry was a shocker for thousands of his fans, but his comeback came with a loud bang and did not fail to meet the high expectations of his supporters.

Garth Brooks was able to dominate a wider audience through his successful World Tour. It went on to garner the largest amount of revenue, making it into the list of country music performances with the highest grossing concert tours.

He was also accompanied by his wife as his special guest. Together, they traveled across the United States— from Rosemont to Atlanta to Jacksonville, to Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Knoxville, to Houston, Wichita, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, just to name a few.

Now a six-time recipient of the Country Music Awards’ Entertainer of the Year award, he is also nearing the end of his phenomenal tour. During a backstage interview for this year’s post-CMA Awards press conference, Brooks told fans and critics that the original plan for his tour was to run it for another year-and-a-half. However, throughout the course of the tour, Brooks just kept it going for three years, three months, and 400 shows. The tour is set to officially close on December 16, at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Fans couldn’t help but wonder then what else does the multi-awarded country music legend has in mind aside from his upcoming performances for the coming year.

Garth Brooks answer was simple.

“Sleep. Christmas. Sleep. New Year’s Eve. Sleep.” 

He then goes on to admit that the tour has also been incredibly exhausting for all of them. Aside from looking forward to a long time of resting, he is also very thankful for all the support that his fans have been giving him since day 1. “At the same time, you’re having the best time of your life, and you don’t want it to end. So you’re naturally like this. You’re an emotional wreck and feel very lucky that people are not only showing up in the numbers that they’re showing up, but it’s the attitude in which they’re showing up that just makes you love them and never want you to leave that stage.”

Even with years of immense success in his career, Brooks shares that up until now, he is still shocked by how he still emerges as one of the artists with the highest relevance and respect. The times are changing now and it is simply overwhelming to learn that his supporters remain consistent in factor in his amazing musical progress.

It’s the people. And I don’t know why they have chosen us. It’s just our job to say thank you as loud as we can.”

Today’s music scene can be pretty unpredictable, but Garth Brooks strongly feels that he will be forever grateful for his fans.

As far as the world tour, I would love to take credit for it, but…it’s the crowd. If you guys have never seen a Garth Brooks show, and you’re just wondering what the hell is going on, come see it because it will explain everything.”



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