November 6

Why Garth Brooks might Win the 2017 Entertainer of The Year

Garth Brooks, the slammin’ country artist who is just about to wrap up the North American leg of his highly acclaimed World Tour, makes his way to this year’s final list of nominees for Entertainer of the Year yet again.

With a colorful and successful career that kick-started since 1984, Garth Brooks has poured blood, sweat, passion, and heart to deliver world-class country music and create a solid and fresh take on the genre. To this day, he has sold millions of albums and singles and dominated radio stations with memorable hits.

That’s why it is no surprise why Brooks bagged another nomination in the 2017 CMA Awards.

But his previous successes are not the only definition of why he deserves to finally go home with the ever-so-coveted award. Below are more solid reasons why we believe that 2017 is finally the time for Garth Brooks to shine a little brighter and win the 2017 CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year:

1. The span of his career alone is impressive

In the world of showbiz and music, it’s not easy to emerge and stay relevant for long. Some artists have a brief moment of fame before the people completely forgets them—and yes, we’re talking about singers who’ve unfortunately only had a quick taste of the limelight with their one-hit-wonders. On the other hand, there are also those who gain immense fame and support but are blinded by the strong influence of drugs and alcohol and all the drama stuck in between gaining worldwide fame.

But Garth Brooks belongs to the line of artists who’ve made an impressive difference amongst fellow artists who’ve failed to make it big and far in their career. He found a way to grow with the changing times, and he adapted well to the shifting demands of his fans. Since his very first win in 1991 as Entertainer of the Year, he has won five more times out of all the previous 11 nominations he’s had for the said award. This alone speaks volumes about him as a country artist.

2. He is loved dearly and strongly supported by his fans

A very successful artist is nothing without a powerful band of supporters following right behind him. With the growth of his career also came the rapid expansion of Brooks’ fan base. From his album releases to his tours, his fans have proven that they have nothing but fierce love and loyalty to give back to him. Meanwhile, Brooks has his own way of making his fans feel special whether it’s during a performance or when he’s meeting and greeting them out on the streets. He takes time getting to know them and engaging them in fun conversations, and never fails to deliver one hell of a performance every single time. Now, he is also using the power of social media and keep the connection he has with his fans unwavering.

3. Who can top his impressive tour records?

Garth Brooks has had a total of 11 tours. He’s toured to promote his albums, help commemorate and celebrate beautiful landmarks like Kansas City’s Sprint Center and New York’s Central Park. The artist toured to contribute to the relief efforts of his fellow countrymen who were victimized by calamities. Whatever the reason behind his tour was, Brooks has undoubtedly gained enormous success on the road.

4. He is the epitome of entertainment

He is not just a talented singer and songwriter. He has charisma and a natural knack for performing and bringing pure entertainment to his fans. He is considered as one of the best live entertainers of his generation, and he could have possibly broken the record if he were to be up against artists from other genres. Yes, there are also those who light up the room and make a huge bang when they climb up the stage and sing, but no one just quite does it like Garth Brooks. Every tour and concert by Brooks is a whole new journey into his world, and a fresh new take on his songs.


Garth Brooks

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