September 21

Garth Brooks Writes an Inspirational Song for AGT Finalist

Once Simon Cowell opens his mouth, people definitely listen. That’s how influential Mr. Cowell is. His power as a judge came across a young singer who is a contestant on the famous show “America’s Got Talent.” Michael Ketterer, a pediatric mental health nurse, who joined the show and many fell for him. Most importantly, he caught Cowell’s attention not just because of his God-given talent but also with his big heart. If any of you doesn’t still know who Ketterer is, he is a father of six (five of whom are adopted from foster care).

Speaking of Cowell’s influence on TV, he was in awe and got inspired by Ketterer’s journey. This made him a shoutout to his friend, country music singer Garth Brooks, for help.

During the semi-finals of AGT, Cowell called out Brooks to create a song for Ketterer. Live on air at AGT, he said:

“Garth, if you are watching the show, please write Michael a song.”

And of course, who would resist Cowell’s request? Brooks definitely responded to his call.

We’re talking Notre Dame ON SALE tomorrow…AND, don’t worry, I see you America's Got Talent and Simon Cowell!! HA!!! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Thursday, September 13, 2018

On the other hand, Garth Brooks took to social media in his Inside Studio G Facebook Live sessions and answered Cowell and everyone calling him out. He said:

“All hell has broken loose in our life because of Simon Cowell. Simon, I know this might sound satirical but it’s not, thank you. That’s a pretty cool vote of confidence and pretty cool when you get to do anything with people like this.”

Subsequently, Ketterer received a call from Brooks who immediately called the former after knowing what had happened. The two then Facetimed as Brooks presented him the song penned just for him. In the call, Brooks expressed his words of praise to the young singer:

“We just tried to write a real lyric from a guy just kind of talking from his heart. I gotta tell ya, I’m excited and flattered that you’re going to perform it and I’ll be hanging on every word. Good luck, no matter what happens Congratulations. Hug your babies.”

“Courage of Love:” Brooks’ Song for Ketterer

Michael Ketterer went on to perform “Courage of Love,” the song that Garth Brooks conceived for him in the finals. After his ecstatic performance, everyone was on their feet especially Simon Cowell who later thanked Brooks for his piece.

After the show, Ketterer placed 5th. Nonetheless, he has inspired everyone who has watched the show. In addition, he will perform the song at Garth Brook’s concert at Notre Dame Stadium on October 20.

Relive his performance and be inspired:

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