October 19

Uncovering the Background Behind 3 of Garth Brooks’ Hits

Garth Brooks, as we all know, has been an incredible artist of his time and he continues to dominate the present-day generation with his unmatched talent and innate gift to entertain people. He has produced numerous hit albums and songs, and his tours have helped amount to his huge success. Just recently, Garth Brooks treated his fans to a stunning performance at the Bluebird Café in Nashville. During his performance, he was joined by some of the talented writers who were also the brains behind some of his highly acclaimed and earliest hits.

The writers, Tony Arata, Kent Blazy, and Pat Alger, recalled some of their fondest memories with the renowned country singer, threw in some roasts and jokes, then shared a bit of history for each of the hit songs they have written for Brooks:

·      Tony Arata’s The Dance

The Dance happens to be Tony Arata’s first cut, and it gained recognition from the Academy of Country Music as the 1990 Song of the Year and Video of the Year. In the song, Brooks tells fans that not knowing how things will end is best. Otherwise, it could deprive them of certain significant life experiences. According to Tony Arata, who co-wrote the song, at the time of the song’s composition, he was just a small-time Nashville songwriter who had then met Garth Brooks back when he was only an aspiring singer and a fellow little-known songwriter. They were both trying their best to get by and get their works recognized even when only fellow songwriters frequently attended their earlier shows. The Dance took inspiration from the movie Peggy Sue Got Married. In one of the scenes, the heroine of the story, Kathleen Turner, realizes that she cannot change a part of her past without it having to make a ripple effect to her future. “No one gets to pick their memories, thankfully.”

·      If Tomorrow Never Comes by Kent Blazy


Hailed by the American Music Awards as 1991’s Favorite Country Single and bringing Garth Brooks his first No. 1 Country hit in the 1000 UK # 1 Hits, this hit music was written by Kent Blazy was true gold. It was also the first country love song that Brooks produced. The singer even described it this way, “If Tomorrow Never Comes will probably always be my signature song. I ran the idea for this song by what seemed like a thousand writers and no one really seemed to understand what I was looking for. On the day that Boby Doyle, my co-manager, introduced me to Kent Blazy, I passed this idea by Kent and he had the first verse down within fifteen seconds. I could tell he just felt it.”

The song tells of a man who stays awake at night, pondering on the possibilities that could take place and the thoughts in his love if he were to die the following day. As the song progresses, the narrator compares the situation further with his loved ones who had met their demise, as well as how he had promised his beloved that he would seize every day to express just how much she means to him.

·      The Thunder Rolls by Pat Alger

According to Pat Alger, The Thunder Rolls was based on a song he had written earlier with a different co-writer, Mark Sanders. “We’d written a song called ‘Like a Hurricane’ that Kathy Mattea had recorded. It was the B-side of ’18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses.’ There’s a line about thunder rolling in the song. Garth had been listening to that song – he’d been listening to stuff that (producer) Allen Reynolds had given him. He came in and said, ‘What if we write a song about somebody who’s cheating on his wife, and every time he does it, the thunder rolls.’ And I kind of laughed.

At first, it seemingly appeared to be a joke. But after they sat together and discussed more the song and developed a scenario for the lyrics, it became less of a joke and more of a song that traversed time and influenced many listeners.

Garth Brooks has a lot more hit songs that became instant crowd favorites. Stay tuned to Country Thang Daily to learn more about the songs of your most idolized country artists!


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