September 26

Garth Brooks Dedicates “If Tomorrow Never Comes” to his Daughter

Once in a while, we get to listen to songs that will surely tug us at the heartstring. These songs make a huge impact with their memorable lyrics and compelling melody. As a result, whenever we listen to such songs repeatedly, lyrics get stuck in our heads. Additionally, the beat and rhythm of the song can make us dance and even the anthems can influence our moods. Most especially, songs sang by our favorite stars surely do grab our attention and without a question, our ears get hooked to it.

Inasmuch as we would love to listen to such every single day, it is not always that we encounter music that digs deep into our hearts. Rarely do we witness such artists who genuinely and vulnerably speak from their hearts. Lest, artists who take their voices out for certain causes.

Undeniably, we love artists who bare their artistry through their music; singers who share their hearts and souls to the world. They may go unnoticed at times but the raw emotions exuded in their work of art touches every heart. In country music, this is a common scenario. Country artists do tell a story that is deeply rooted within their hearts.

Garth Brooks Sings for His Daughter

One of the most beautiful memories we get to witness was during one of Garth Brooks‘ performances. Showing his tender and sentimental side to fatherhood, Brooks impeccably channeled the true artist in him. Crooning his famed hit “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” he got the chance to share this memorable moment with his daughter. He exclaimed:

“I got to dedicate this to my little girl, Taylor. And for now, for the past seven or eight shows I’ve [gotten] to dedicate it to not only [she], but my brand new little girl, August as well.”

The performance was intensely emotional. Definitely, it was lovely watching Brooks bare his emotions in his performance. Clearly, his love for his daughter resounded more than every strum of his guitar whenever he makes music. Also, the message of the song truly personifies what it takes to be aware and vigilant of what the future may bring. More importantly, Brooks did not fail to show his love for his family. God bless you, Garth!

Watch Garth Brooks performs “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and dedicates it to her daughter:

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Garth Brooks, if tomorrow never comes

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