December 29

Garth Brooks Speaks Up About Today’s Country

Garth Brooks, one of the highly acclaimed country singers of his time, speaks up about today’s country music scene. In his interview with Country Aircheck, he shares his thoughts and opinions on how he believes his fellow singers can continue to make the genre relevant in our time today, without having to compromise its quality and its roots.

One particular factor that Brooks sees as an obstacle to letting the newer generation develop an appreciation for a wider array of genres, particularly country music, is their indifference to ‘absorbing’ what a song is truly about. They simply ‘consume’ the song, but they do not take the time to delve deeper into the lyrics and musical genius that was put into each track. He adds that his little girls only listen to the first 10 seconds of a song before they switch to the next track. This lets them go through 30 songs in a span of five minutes, but without gaining any sort of understanding for the songs.

Back in the day, there was an investment made in the artist. There was a time taken. There was a new record coming out, you get your buddies, you’d sit around and listen to it. Even if you didn’t like an artist initially, you’d think, ‘He’s got this one song.’ That’s what gave music a chance. It’s what gave artists a chance to build catalogs to win fans.” explains Garth Brooks.

Brooks highlighted the fact that people have also been expecting the rise of another artist that reflects and embodies legends like Randy Travis. However, he thinks that for that to happen, one must have the heart and soul of a true artist for them to have the ability to interchange today’s situation in country music. Ultimately though, Garth Brooks agrees with the saying that country music is the one thing that will constantly save country music itself. Music will always matter for the singer, and it will never lose significance in our lives. He is hopeful that people will still be to truly listen to and see the real heartbeat of music.

Several new country artists emerge in the music scene almost every week or month, and we can’t blame the fans for having an immense scrutiny of the musicality and relevance they want to project to the world.

After all, country music is a unique and valuable genre of its own, and it matters most that its true purpose and nature does not get lost in translation no matter how long time would pass.


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