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Garth Brooks’ “Papa Loved Mama” and a Child’s Tragic Experience


Garth Brooks shared one of the classic hits in the ’90s entitled “Papa Loved Mama.”

Troyal Garth Brooks professionally known as Garth Brooks is one of the popular country artists in the ’80s up to the present. His integration of rock and pop elements into the country genre has earned him immense popularity in the United States. He achieved great success in his country singles and albums. With this, he became one of the best selling artists of all time having over 148 million units sold.

garth brooks, papa loved mama
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In addition, Garth was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. Now, let us talk about one of his chart-topping single “Papa Loved Mama.”

“Papa Loved Mama”

It is a country ballad written by Garth Brooks and Kim Williams. Brooks recorded this song and it was released on February 3, 1992, from his album Ropin’ the Wind. Upon the release of the song, it immediately entered into country charts and peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

garth brooks, papa loved mama
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Since this track gave a huge success on Brooks’s career, “Papa Loved Mama” has been included in his other albums like The Hits, The Limited Series, Double Live, and The Ultimate Hits.

Garth talks about the background information on the song “Papa Loved Mama.” He said,

This song is just total fun at a chaotic pace. Kim Williams and I were writing this song in the studio. We had just finished the Ropin’ the Wind album, with the tenth cut being ‘Walking After Midnight.’ We had one session left over with no songs whatsoever. I asked Allen if I could do something screwy by playing this ‘Papa Loved Mama’ song. Kim Williams came in and we wrote the bridge right before we cut it.

He added,

After we cut it, we knew that it had to make the album. ‘Walking After Midnight’ then moved to The Chase, and ‘Papa Loved Mama’ was placed on Ropin’ the Wind. Kim Williams might be one of the most talented writers I have ever worked with simply because he can sneak so many things in on you as a listener and he does it with this big smile on his face. Be it as a co-writer or just a friend, I hope I see that smile the rest of my life… good guy.

About the Song

Papa Loved Mama” came from a boy’s reflection on a tragic incident he experienced with his parents. His father works as a truck driver while his mother committed adultery due to his father’s absence. His father’s absence is due to his work. We all know that being far from your family is hard but what his father did was to call them constantly to show that even if he is far, he still cares for them.

However, his mother became selfish and she needed more than what her husband can give. As a surprise, his father came home with roses and wine. He went to their room knowing that he will see his wife but he failed. His children heard a bottle break against the wall and the father immediately drove his truck to a local motel room. There he saw his wife with another woman. The next day, the incident that happened has been featured in the newspaper. The mother was killed and the father went to prison.

Listen to Garth Brooks’ “Papa Loved Mama” here:


classic hit, Garth Brooks, Papa Loved Mama

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