It is never unknown to fans that Billy Joel is one of the artists that country singer Garth Brooks look up to. In fact, he is very vocal about it. Also, he noted that his favorite Billy Joel song is “Goodnight Saigon,” which is a poignant song honoring our fallen soldiers in Vietnam.

In 2008, as a way to remember the closing of the New York Mets ballpark, Shea Stadium, Billy Joel performed some of his biggest hits at the said venue. For two nights, he displayed his vocal ability commemorating the historic landmark. In addition, he surprised his sold-out audiences with some of the biggest names in the music industry. One of these stars was Garth Brooks.

While both Joel and Brooks vary in their music to some extent, they surely do share one thing in common — it is the song “Shameless.”

Whatever genre you prefer to hear the song, it is known to everyone that Joel and Brooks have recorded a song called “Shameless.” Originally, Joel wrote and released his version in 1989 for his album Storm Front. Meanwhile, Brooks recorded and released his cover in 1991 for his album Ropin’ The Wind.

Brooks & Joel’s Stunning Performance

On the stage, Brooks and Joel united together and sang their song for the first time. True enough, they have mastered their song and their voices juxtaposed blending in perfectly.

Rocking the lead vocals, Brooks started the song while Joel harmonized and accompanied with his piano. The collaboration followed Brooks’ original tempo but incorporated rock elements that sure did make the song to a new level.

Without a doubt, watching the two stars onstage blew the fans away. They were starstruck as Brooks approached Joel’s piano and basked into the pianists’ vocals.

The Story of “Shameless” as Told by Billy Joel

Every song of Billy Joel is poignant and what a great way to know the story behind it. While he was writing this hit song, Joel got inspired by one of his idols, Jimi Hendrix. He revealed a part of the story to a German crowd in one of his concerts in 1995. Mimicking a gum-smacking sound, he said:

“When I wrote the song ‘Shameless,’ I thought I was Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix was always chewing gum when he was singing.”

Moreover, in one of his concerts in Boston, he told the crown,

I wanted to write a song, like a Jimi Hendrix song.”

Now, this song is definitely inspired by Jimi Hendrix. So whether you are a country fan or a rock fan, you’ve got thank Hendrix for this powerful song.

Watch Billy Joel and Garth Brooks perform “Shameless” live at the Shea Stadium in 2008:

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