October 2

Garth Brooks Announces 5-Part Autobiography Release

After releasing a series of number one songs and going on consecutive successful tours, Garth Brooks now takes on publishing his very own book. His upcoming book is an autobiography arranged in a 5-part anthology of his career in music.

Here, Garth Brooks will be reminiscing on the beginning of his career and will take a trip down memory lane to revisit how far he has grown in the industry. The anthology will also feature unreleased photos and music during the course of his journey as one of the most highly acclaimed country singers.

In the book’s first part, titled, The Anthology Part 1: The First Five Years, fans will be treated to a load of all intriguing secrets, true stories, origins, and intricate details that not even the keenest of insiders could get if not for this book. According to Brooks, among the stories, he is pertaining to reveal the background behind some of his earliest hit songs, like The Dance, Friends in Low Places, and The Thunder Rolls.

The hardbound, 240-page First Five Years book will contain over 150 never-before-seen photos, along with 19 new and unreleased or demo versions of some of Brooks songs, and five CDs of a total of 52 songs. It will be released in November and will be on sale on the 14th of the same month.

For Garth Brooks to be releasing his very own 5-part autobiography is a huge leap in his already booming career. He has been delivering unbridled and amazing performances while serenading his huge fan base with a string of relatable, top quality music that has reached out to a number of generations. As such, we can only agree that his life is a beautiful expedition worthy of being put into ink and paper for the entire world to see and fully digest how hard he has worked to reach this far.

Stay tuned for upcoming release dates on the rest of Garth Brooks’ autobiography!


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