March 21

The Painful Truth in “The Games That Daddies Play”

The Painful Truth in "The Games That Daddies Play" 1

When we make of an analysis of the possible factors contributing to Conway Twitty’s music career success, we could probably come up with a long list. Apart from his deep, resonant down-home voice and relatable tunes, the variety of his songs is also evident. Most of his music ranges from themes of love, family, and spiritual life.

Today’s story will feature a Conway Twitty hit that centers on the family as its theme with a twist. The song is called “The Games That Daddies Play.” Twitty wrote and recorded it as the first track from his album Greatest Hits 2 released in July 1976. In October of the same year, the single topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart becoming his 17th No. 1 song. It stayed on top of the chart for one week and run for 11 weeks on the country chart’s top 40.

Beyond the Lyrics…

Basically, the song is about a seven-year-old boy who was raised by his single mother. One time, the child asked his mom if he can attend an overnight camping trip with one of his friends. His main purpose in going is to join the traditional father-son activities called “games that daddies play.” Hiking, fishing, and having man-to-man conversations are among the activities included in it.

Upon hearing her son’s request, the mother can’t help but cry. She realized that her seven-year-old son, still naive of everything around him, was actually asking a much deeper question. And, that concerns his own father’s whereabouts, why he’s not with them like his friends’ dads do. At this point, the mother realized she needs to tell her son the truth.  No matter how painful that would be, the boy deserves to know everything.

They were victims of “another kind of game that daddies play.” In this instance, they’ve been abandoned by his father since he was one-year-old. 

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