October 8

The Live Version of “Blessed Assurance” by Gloria and Bill Gaither

God never gives us something we do not deserve. He always showers us with love and blessings. Sometimes, we receive his beatifications in unexpected ways. Nevertheless, we should be thankful because he moves in mysterious ways. In perfect time. To be reminded of the blessings that God tosses us, listen to “Blessed Assurance,” the live and soulful interpretation of Gloria and Bill Gaither.


In times of sorrow, pain, and anxiety God is the one we can depend on. He will surely mend our broken hearts and souls. For us, we all need to do is communicate with God. However good or bad, we need to talk to him through prayers. It is the simplest way to get closer to Him.

Blessed Assurance…

Fanny Crosby wrote the words and lyrics of “Blessed Assurance.” It was written back in 1973. On the other hand, Phoebe Knapp arranged the music of the hymn. Back then, Crosby and Knapp were close friends.

Back in time, Crosby visited her friend Knapp. At that time, Knapp was having a large pipe installed into her organ. The organ was incomplete so Knapp, using the piano, she played the new melody she just composed. Knapp asked her friend Crosby what she thinks of the tune. Crosby just replied, “Blessed Assurance:” Jesus Is Mine.” Then, they started writing the words and lyrics of “Blessed Assurance.” The hymn changed both lives of the two women.

With all the blessings and love God have showered us, let us not forget to thank the highest almighty. He is our creator. With this, he deserves our praise and gratitude.

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