September 6

Fun “Super Mario” Theme Video by Ashley Campbell and Eli Bishop

Ashley does follow in her daddy Glen Campbell’s footsteps. Just as Glen’s insurmountable talents were highly applauded before, so are we impressed with Ashley’s.

 In one of her recent You Tube videos released last year, she and her friend Eli showcased their musical artistry in this clever playing of fiddle and banjo to the tune of video game Super Mario. So, this was what she had been calling “nerd alert” video huh? That’s neat.

 Added to the video’s hip musicality was when dancing game controllers showed up. Now, that’s a little quirky!  Kudos to the one who have thought of that!

Oh, done watching? Fun eh?

Don’t forget to subscribe to Ashley’s channel then. You’ll have more videos coming featuring her musicianship in collaboration with other genius instrumentalists particularly Carl Jackson. Bet she wants more to be recognized as one exceptional banjo and guitar player than a vocalist. Whichever, there is no denying that she’ll go far not just because of her talents, but with her quick wit and charm.

On a side note, would you like to have your own show? We’ll call it “The Ashley Campbell Good Time Hour,” a sequel to your late dad’s musical show in the 1960s. Kidding aside, go Ashley! We are still rooting for you! Though your Pop happened to be one of America’s Country Legend, you have got your own mark to make as a contemporary artist.


To date, Ashley is an artist signed up for Dot Records, a record label based in Nashville, Tennessee. She still does vocals and her choices of instruments are banjo, guitar and keyboards.

Just last year, she was selected to be among other performers in C2C: Country to Country, an annual country music festival in the UK. She performed for two nights on the pop-up stages in London


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