February 9

A Grandfather’s Testimony in a Song called, “Front Porch”


Hello Country Gospel, my name is Scott Nelson, and I’m located in Halls, Tennessee.

Thank you again so much for the opportunity to share my song called “Front Porch”. This song is truly a reflection of what’s happened in my Grandfather’s life over the past couple of years.

A Grandfather's Testimony in a Song called, “Front Porch” 1

Back about a year and a half ago in the month of May, I went over to my Grandparents house one evening after work to bring them supper. As we sat around the supper table, enjoying conversation, the Lord placed upon my heart the need to share more of the Gospel with my Grandfather. Before the night was over, my Grandfather had decided to ask Jesus to save him from his sins and to come into his heart.

“..On the Front Porch, ….he knows who to call on in his heart..”

 I’ll never forget as my Grandfather was calling out to the Lord to save him. You could hear my Grandmother praising God and thanking Him for what He was doing for her. It’s a long answered prayer.

After supper as my Grandfather walked out to my truck with me. I asked him to tell me what’s in his heart. He said this,

“I wish I could tell my mom I got saved”.

Wow, this spoke so much to my heart! I then asked him,

“Is there anyone you would like to share this with?”

He called my dad that night.

Well as the days went on, my Grandmother went on to be with the Lord, and this left my Grandfather in great agony. At times, I would go over to spend time with him at his home. We would sometimes have a bible study together or he would be sitting in his chair going through things that were left from the old house the two of them had lived in.

We would talk, and he would cry, but I reminded him of where Grandmother is now. And I reminded him of God’s word that tells of all the Beauty she is experiencing; and how one day he will see her again.

This is where God began to work in my heart to share my Grandfather’s testimony through song. My Grandfather still struggles today, but on the Front Porch, when those memories flood his mind and sometimes the darkness seems to sneak in, he knows who to call on in his heart to help him on his journey home.

I am still praising God today for what He has done in my Grandfather’s heart.
I hope you enjoy my song called “Front Porch”.

Scott Nelson


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