February 28



Image result for Guy PenrodGOOD MORNIN’, Y’ALL!

So wonderful is today that Old Jack feels like doin’ a bit more sharin’ with you kind folks.

Of course, we all have friends, don’t we? Really great friends we have been with for the longest time and friends that we’ve gone through the thick and the thin with.

We too are that kind of buddies I know… Only too willing to go through fire for the best chum, cohort, and comrade. But is it possible for us to always be there for our friends, even, families?

In as much as we would want to, there are quite a few instances wherein we just simply are unable to. To be there, especially during hours of great need for someone to lean on… For a shoulder to cry on… For some of that good ol’ moral support.

But you know what, Jesus would be and remain to be one of—if not the only—bestfriend anyone of us could ever have. For He will ALWAYS be there. No matter what. No what ifs and no buts. He will simply always be there.

Regardless, of who or what we are. Insignificant so would that be. No matter what the issue and no matter what the cost. HE WILL SIMPLY REMAIN TO BE THERE FOR US ALL.

But of course, being a REAL FRIEND, in times of folly, He would never (as well) fail to rebuke us. Why? For that is how it truly would be when we love and care very dearly for someone. For that is how much He and God loves us. That is true friendship, brotherhood, and LOVE.

One favorite Passage from John 15:13 about His Great Love and Friendship goes:

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

And here is one favorite Gospel Hymn by Guy Penrod to put a smile on yer faces.

Beautiful huh?

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This has been Beautiful Is Our God!

May Y’all be Safe and Well and,




Guy Penrod, what a friend we have in jesus

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