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Freddie Hart Became Blessed With His “Bless Your Heart” Hit

Freddie Hart Became Blessed With His “Bless Your Heart” Hit 1

The common phrase “bless your heart” has numerous meanings attached to it. But most of the time, the expression is used to show sympathy or genuine concern to someone. That also served as a basis for writing a song using the phrase as its title. American country music singer and songwriter Freddie Hart co-wrote a song related to the phrase with Jack Lebsock. The former recorded it and the tune eventually became a major hit for him.

Brief Song Info

“Bless Your Heart” is the title track of Freddie Hart’s 1972 album. It became his third No. 1 single on the country chart. Tom Roland, a country music writer, shared some information relative to the song’s history. According to Roland, the frequent use of the phrase in the lyrics provided the basis for the song. In addition to this is the homonymy of Hart’s family name and the word “heart” from the phrase. The song gained fame. As its popularity increases, Hart’s fans “began saying the phrase more and more in conjunction with him on stage,” Roland wrote.

In the song, the male narrator expresses his deep gratitude to his wife who continuously shows her love for him despite his failures and feelings of unworthiness. The man said though that he tries to be worthy of loving his partner. He is indeed blessed to have such a kind of wife who loves him unconditionally. How can he not utter the phrase “blessed your heart” to his partner with that grand affection? On the other hand, the song’s success was and will forever be a blessing to Hart. Moreover, Hart certainly felt more blessed each time he’s told of the phrase while performing the song on stage.

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