October 22

Aretha Franklin and her “Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings”

“Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings” and its Stellar Performance

Aretha Louise Franklin has been one of the pillars of the Gospel genre in almost all of its aspects. And despite her departing our world this year, her memory and legacy continues to perpetuate. Miss Franklin is currently the placeholder for the top spot in the Billboard 100 for Gospel Albums for her smash hit “Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings”! It remains as Miss Franklin’s best-selling albums. And in the light of its success, it won her a Grammy Award for Best Soul Gospel Performance.

Maintaining a Legacy

Miss Franklin leads Top Gospel Albums over 30 years after her first number 1 gospel album hit: “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.” It ruled for four frames sometime in February 1988. As of 2017, it stands as the biggest selling live gospel music album of all time.

Despite her mainstream success, she has never deviated from her gospel roots and would often make songs and albums that shouts her faith to the heavens. She has often put exclamation points on her gospel songs and would always make it to a point to bring us all to church.

Her success has been accentuated in her funeral, where everyone in attendance gathered and honored her on how she would have loved it. Her last services were such a powerful experience; it would have made the Queen of Soul proud. The service not only recognized Miss Franklin as a superstar, but it also remembered her as a humble person who laid everything for the lord.

All in all, “Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings” stands as one of the greatest gifts that the Queen has shared with us, for we can continue to give grace and sing our hymns to the Lord with Miss Franklin.

Come and listen to The Queen of Soul’s powerful rendition of “Amazing Grace” here!

How do you like the rendition of the Queen of Soul to the popular gospel hit “Amazing Grace”? Tell us in the comments section below! Want to be in the know in all things gospel music? You can visit us at Country Thang Daily for more!


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