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The “Four Strong Winds” Version of Country Singer Bobby Bare

bobby bare four strong winds

The Origin of “Four Strong Winds”

“Four Strong Winds” is a Canadian folk song that has been covered by a lot of artists through the years. The first artist to record the song was Ian and Sylvia Tyson, a Canadian folk musician. Moreover, it was written by Ian Tyson in 1960. Some artists who cover the song changed the word Alberta in the lyrics to a place where they are from.

Bobby Bare’s Version

Bobby Bare recorded the song “Four Strong Winds” and added it to his album The Best of Bobby Bare as track number 8. Furthermore, the song was released in 1964. Bobby Bare’s version of the single made it to the top 10 of the charts. His version peaked at No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1965 and remaining for a total of 19 weeks on the chart. His album The Best of Bobby Bare didn’t enter the US Billboard charts.

Other Artists

Other artists who covered the song were Waylon Jennings, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Hank Snow, and many more. Neil Young did a record of the song too and included it on his album. In addition, his version of the song was perhaps the most popular.

The Song’s Meaning

“Four Strong Winds” is a love song about a man who still finds hope that he and his lover will still be together. Since the relationship was over he had to move back to where he came from. However, he’s still hoping that the love of his life will come follow him there. However, there is a slight feeling in him that she may never come running back to his arms anymore. It is such a morose love song with its words and sad ending. You can feel the pain that the man feels as he tries to be hopeful in a situation he knew that is likely going to end in a sad way.

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