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“In the Sweet By and By:” An Enthralling Cover by Fountainview Academy

Indeed, “In the Sweet By and By” is one of the most popular Christian Gospel songs of all time. It has been covered many times by various artists. They were Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, and many more. They all have a different approach to the hymn. Nevertheless, the meaning and the message was retained. On the other hand, another group called Fountainview Academy covered the gospel. A different method among others, their cover is genuinely heart melting and enthralling.

“In the Sweet By and By:” An Enthralling Cover by Fountainview Academy 1
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Fountainview Academy made their rendition part of their project “God So Loved the World.” Their primary focus is to provide us Christian Gospel hymns now and then. Also, through their songs, they would like to enlighten us more about God and bring us closer to Him.

In the Sweet By and By…

Fillmore Bennett wrote the words and lyrics of “In the Sweet By and By.” On the other hand, Joseph P. Webster created the music, the melody, and harmony. It was primarily released in 1868. It was then being played over and over again up to these days.

Way back, Webster visited Bennet in his office. He went there in an office hour without speaking to Bennet. Bennet, on the other hand, asked:

“Webster, what is the matter now?” “It’s no matter,” he replied, “it will be all right by and by.”

Bennet replied:

“The Sweet By And By.”

“In the Sweet By and By:” An Enthralling Cover by Fountainview Academy 2
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Then, Bennet thought of a hymn and wrote about it. He handed the sheet to Webster and began writing the notes. Afterward, Webster grabbed his violin and started patching the melody into the lyrics. In less than thirty minutes, Bennet, Webster, and two of his friends were singing the song already.

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