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A Calming Rendition of “How Great Thou Art” by Fountainview Academy

A Calming Rendition of “How Great Thou Art” by Fountainview Academy 1
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“How Great Thou Art” is one of the most covered Christian Gospel songs of all time. Apart from that, various artists have recorded the hymn so many times now and then. From inside and outside of the country music scene, the song is being transferred from generation to generation. With this, let’s listen to one of the best renditions from the Fountainview Academy. Their cover is genuinely mesmerizing and calming.

How Great Thou Art…

Carl Boberg was the poet behind the words of “How Great Thou Art.” He wrote the poem in Monsteras, Sweden in 1885. First, the poem was translated into German and then into Russian then developed into a hymn.

Moreover, “How Great Thou Art” was translated into English by the English Missionary Stuart K. Hine. Not only that, he also added two original verses that he created on his own. Then, the composition was mixed with a Russian melody which was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows.

The poem “How Great Thou Art”  turned into a hymn inspiration was from a sudden storm. Back then, when Carl Boberg and his friends were walking home after an afternoon service, a thundercloud appeared and lightning flash occurred. Also, strong winds and heavy rain poured. But in a while, the storm has passed. Carl Boberg arrived home and opened the window; he saw the calm bay of Monsteras, heard the sound of birds, and the church bells ding-donged in the evening. Those inspired him to write a poem.

A Calming Rendition of “How Great Thou Art” by Fountainview Academy 2
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Thanks to Carl Boberg and his experience, a great hymn was written to inspire, enlighten, and motivate us. Undoubtedly, “How Great Thou Art” will never be vanished. Instead, it will be presented to the younger generations.

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