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“I Know Whom I Have Believed,” An Enlivening Hymn from the Fountainview Academy

“I Know Whom I Have Believed,” An Enlivening Hymn from the Fountainview Academy 1
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To lift our spirits and to warm our souls, one simple way is listening to a gospel song. A gospel song can give us inner peace. Also, it can bring us closer to God. With this, let us all listen to “I Know Whom I Have Believed” for it will enlighten us. It will ease our worries away, too. Let Fountainview Academy serenade you as you strengthen your Faith in God.

Fountainview Academy is a group of talented people from different races and age. Their ultimate goal is to provide us Christian Gospel songs to remind the power, love, and blessings of the highest almighty. On the other hand, their singing style is far different from others as they give a different approach to every gospel hymn. Also, their videos are truly magnificent. Above all, Fountainview Academy would like to lift and warm our spirits as well as strengthen our relationship with God.

I Know Whom I Believed…

Daniel W. Whittle wrote the words and lyrics of “I Know Whom I Have Believed.” It was published in 1883 but up to these days, the hymn is one of the most played and performed Christian Gospel songs. Also, the song is often used in gatherings such as fellowships, churches, and many more.

“I Know Whom I Have Believed” simply depicts great faith towards God. It describes the willingness of a person to have faith and strength in believing in the highest almighty.

We people, make mistakes and evil deeds. There are times when our decisions affect us as well as other people in wrong ways. Nevertheless, we try to redeem ourselves. We can do this by doing well to others, offering love and respect to others. But, we are unable to do those things if God isn’t around us. God is with us all the way.

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Daniel W. Whittle, Fountainview Academy, I Know Whom I Believed

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