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A Reminder from Fountainview Academy, “Count Your Blessings”

A Reminder from Fountainview Academy, “Count Your Blessings” 1
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“Count Your Blessings” is a Christian Gospel hymn that reminds everyone of what God has given us.  It is more inspiring with the voices of Fountainview Academy, a group of young and talented believers.

Although small or big, we should be thankful for what we are receiving every day. From that time we wake up to the time we sleep, those are already blessings we need to be grateful for. All of the things happening to us whether we didn’t ask for, it is a blessing. A benefit we must count to hark back to what God is providing us.

A Reminder from Fountainview Academy, “Count Your Blessings” 2
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Fountainview Academy is a group of talented people from different races and age. Their ultimate goal is to provide us Christian Gospel songs to remind the power, love, and blessings of the highest almighty. On the other hand, their singing style is far different from others as they give a different approach to every gospel hymns. Also, their videos are truly magnificent. Above all, Fountainview Academy would like to lift and warm our spirits and strengthen our relationship with God.

Count Your Blessings…

Johnson Oatman was the author of “Count Your Blessings.” The hymn was published in “204 Hymnals” which publishes all the greatest Christian Gospel songs.

The lyrics of this hymn are related to several scripture passages: Psalm 40:5-6; Psalm 107:31; Ephesians 1:3; and 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

“Count Your Blessings” will remind the discouraged people and Christians of the grace they have been given. It is easy for us to take the negativity of life but when we think of what God has given us, undoubtedly, we are blessed. Lastly, the hymn states that all power belongs to God. He alone would like us to be blessed.

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