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Lift Your Spirits Through “Blessed Assurance” by Fountainview Academy

Lift Your Spirits Through “Blessed Assurance” by Fountainview Academy 1
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“Blessed Assurance” may help you lift your spirits in times of worries. It is a hymn with powerful words and melody that can especially warm your soul. Also, it assures us of peace within. With this, let us all say a little prayer as we listen to the soulful cover of the Fountainview Academy.

On the other hand, Fountainview Academy is a group of people who wish to bring us closer to God. They would like to remind us that God loves the world. Therefore, they recorded their renditions of the best Christian Gospel songs. Through them, God’s love will spread all across the globe.

Blessed Assurance…

The hymn is a worldwide favorite Christian song. It is being used in many churches and religious events. The power of the song can genuinely pierce our hearts. It can even change a person just by listening to it.

Moreover, Fanny Crosby wrote the lyrics of “Blessed Assurance.” It was written back in 1973. Meanwhile, Phoebe Knapp arranged the music of the hymn. Phoebe and Fanny are close friends back then.

Lift Your Spirits Through “Blessed Assurance” by Fountainview Academy 2
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Back then, Fanny visited her friend Phoebe. At that time, Phoebe was having a large pipe installed into her organ. The organ was incomplete so Phoebe, using the piano, played the new melody she just composed. Phoebe asked her friend Fanny what she thinks of the tune. Fanny just replied,

“Blessed Assurance”: Jesus Is Mine.”

Then, they started penning the words and lyrics of “Blessed Assurance.”

Lift Your Spirits Through “Blessed Assurance” by Fountainview Academy 3
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That very circumstance was the reason for the creation of “Blessed Assurance.” It changed both lives of Fanny and Phoebe. It can change yours, too.

Let’s give thanks to God for everything he has done and has been doing for us. Beautiful things are happening of us because of God. We should be grateful.

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