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“Amazing Grace,” a Hymn for the Soul by the Fountainview Academy

Be it a time of need, of passing or of praise, “Amazing Grace” has been the song for hundreds of millions of people all over the world for more than two centuries. With this, the hymn became an all-time favorite gospel song. For a moment, fill your souls give time to get closer to God through the anthem and with the voices of the talented group Fountainview Academy.

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Posted by Fountainview Academy on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fountainview Academy is a group of talented people from different races and age. Their ultimate goal is to provide us with Christian Gospel songs to remind the power, love, and blessings of the highest almighty. On the other hand, their singing style is far different from others as they give a different approach to every gospel hymn. Also, their videos are truly magnificent.

Fountainview Academy made their rendition part of their project “God So Loved the World.” Their primary focus is to provide us Christian Gospel hymns now and then. Also, through their songs, they would like to enlighten us more about God and bring us closer to Him.

Above all, Fountainview Academy would like to lift and warm our spirits and to strengthen our relationship with God.

Amazing Grace…

John Newton, an English poet, and a clergyman wrote the words and lyrics of “Amazing Grace.” The hymn was published in 1779. It has been centuries since its publication. Nevertheless, it’s the most played and performed Christian Gospel hymn of all time.

Tons of songs can embrace you. Whether you know the lyrics or not or it’s just lingering with the melody, it can make you feel better. It pricked a feeling of being home and especially close to God.

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amazing grace, Fountainview Academy

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