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The family of Mayor of Pigeon Forge Sings to Dolly Parton


The family of Mayor of Pigeon Forge Sings to Dolly Parton 1

Pigeon Forge Mayor, David Wear, and his family couldn’t care less about the time they ride their car – they care more about the time they spend together and as a family.

“I’m in the front!” Sure, the kids may argue about who gets to sit in the front seat—”No, I’m in the front!”

Despite that, the Wear family is in perfect harmony when the music starts.

“We were probably running some errands and thought we could do something fun,” said Mayor Wear.

Since that day, carpool karaoke has turned the family’s car rides into bonding time.

“We have a lot of good memories, it’s really great,” said the mayor’s son, 11-year-old Graydon Wear.

Rather than spending their time on a car ride on their smartphones or plugged into their headphones, the family sings together.

“I don’t really let anybody else pick the songs,” laughed 7-year-old Addison Wear.

Keeshe Wear, Mayo Wear’s wife is posting the videos to Facebook and Instagram, however, there is a favorite amongst the family.

“Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers,” said Addi. “Boys be Kenny and girls be Dolly,” added Graydon.

The Wear family knows the complete lyrics to every Dolly Parton song.

“They’re very important people in my life. They helped with the fires, especially Dolly. And I have all their records,” said Addi.

“It’s just fun times, this is what it’s all about to make memories with each other and not be so serious,” added Mayor Wear.

So, as Dolly notes, ‘out on the street when traffic starts jumping,’ that’s their cue to tune into each other.

“Spend time with your family, as much as you can,” said Graydon.

They said that time is the most valuable commodity in the world, and the mayor and his family spend this commodity wisely. Don’t you think so? Let us know in the comments section below.


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