April 19

A Sweet Forever in “When They Ring Those Golden Bells”

A Sweet Forever in "When They Ring Those Golden Bells" 1

We all know that life on earth is only temporary. But, the life we get after death is eternal. Hence, the latter is more significant. We must then shift our focus toward this life while we still have time left. To get started, let’s listen to this lovely song and take on its meaning. The tune is titled “When They Ring Those Golden Bells” and Daniel de Marbelle composed in 1887.

Singing behind the video clip is the Cluster Pluckers quartet.

Immersing into the Lyrics

The song opens with lines that ignite a feeling of excitement. “There’s a land beyond the river / That we call the sweet forever. Indeed, that sweet forever is worth looking forward to. It’s something that we all want to experience in time. It continues by stating how to get there. “And we only reach that shore by faith’s decree / One by one we’ll gain the portals; There to dwell with the immortals / When they ring those golden bells for you and me.” The first statement shows much relevance to our way of salvation which is clearly defined in the book of Ephesians 2:8-9

Salvation is by grace through faith alone, not as a result of good works, so that God alone gets the glory.

The refrain is even more rousing as its words dive further into that sweet forever. A joyful description of what the place is like that will drive us to want it more. Behind it is an encouragement for each of us to aim more for that paradise.

Don’t you hear the bells now ringing? / Don’t you hear the angels singing? /’Tis the glory hallelujah Jubilee. / In that far off sweet forever / Just beyond the shining river / When they ring the golden bells for you and me.

The song continues with its portrayal of heaven on the second and last verse. It presents what else can we expect when we get there. Naturally, all the negative things we experience on earth will no longer be encountered in that place. Everything is pure happiness and blessings.

We shall know no sin or sorrow / In that haven of tomorrow,
When our barque shall sail beyond the silver sea;
We shall only know the blessing / Of our Father’s sweet caressing,
When they ring the golden bells for you and me.

Folks, are you ready enough when those golden bells of heaven got rung? We would be glad to hear your thoughts or experiences related to the song. Likewise, please do not forget to hit the like button and share the inspiration with your friends and loved ones. Here on Country Thang Daily, we strive to bring you a daily dose of cutting-edge entertainment through country gospel music and their interesting stories. To stay tuned, follow us on Facebook (@CountryGospelDaily) and Twitter @thecountrydaily. We’re also on Instagram and Pinterest.


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