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A Road to Forever That Started From Kenny Chesney’s Concert

A Road to Forever That Started From Kenny Chesney's Concert 1

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Splendid as it is, life never failed to surprise us in ways we haven’t even imagine.

The less we expect from life, the more we got stunned with its endearing beauty. To say, “Good things happen the least you expect them”  may be more of a cliche. But the phrase sounds refreshing each time you find yourself caught in a breathtaking affair. One that, even in your wildest of dreams, has not presented a hint.

A Startling Love Story

Akin to life, love has its unique way of presenting its grandeur. When the timing and place are perfect for two individuals, love reveals itself without warning signs. Such kind of love is truly worth keeping for a lifetime. Following is a brief strangers-turned-into-lovers account that came into being at Kenny Chesney’s concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Who would have thought that such place for holding notable events such as sports competitions, grand award shows, and concerts of all sort could as well serve as a venue for finding love?

While millions of Kenny Chesney’s fans may consider that date (March 27, 2015) unforgettable, Holly Hammonds and Army Capt. R.J. Edwards would probably treat it as the best day of their lives. On that fateful day, two strangers cross each other’s paths. And the days that followed have kept them moving forward to a more beautiful destination. From an excerpt of a previous interview with the Tennessean, Hammonds shared her fairy-like encounter with Edwards.

It’s Hammonds and her friend’s second-straight Chesney concert at Bridgestone Arena. Tickets were sold out. And being Chesney’s die-hard fans, she and her friend didn’t mind paying for the highest-priced tickets. Both knew the view’s worth the rate anyway. At the venue, the two found seats and snitched them instantly, despite considering them belonging to others. It turned out, no one came to claim their seats. For the first time, Hammonds became one lucky gal with that experience.

But Wait, There’s More

The Tennessean noticed a cute boy nearby glancing at their area. And as the concert became more exciting for the rest of the audience, the two managed to exchange smiles and stares. After that magical wave from Edwards, Hammonds succeeded in giving him her contact number. From that moment on, the two became attached to each other.

At the onset of 2018, Edwards made the biggest move that would change his and Hammonds’ life forever. On that same place where they first met, Edwards proposed to her. Hammonds’ family were around to cheer for them as they watched the dramatic proposal. If you haven’t watched yet the proposal video, you can check it out below.

Kenny Chesney Concert

"I locked eyes with a cute stranger at a concert. But there was an arena of people between us…" 💗(Credit: The Way We Met)

Posted by LittleThings on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Video credit: Little Things, Facebook

Feeling amazed at the special meeting of the two at his concert, Chesney invited them to any concert of their choice this year packaged with VIP treatment. The couple is set to tie the knot in May.


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