February 9

Inspired By a Childhood Trauma: “Forever Changed” by Vince Gil

In the past months, the #MeToo movement has inspired more people to come forward with their stories of sexual assault and abuse. Me Too or “#MeToo” spread fast in October 2017 as a two-word hashtag used on social media to help make the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment evident, especially in the workplace. While the program has first grown its grip in Hollywood, it eventually shifted into the entertainment industry as a whole. One example was Country artist, Keith Urban, responding to the movement with his single, ‘Female’. It sought to empower women and dismisses rape culture.

“Forever Changed” Inspired by a Traumatic Incident

Sitting on a stool holding his acoustic guitar, Gill told the audience at the luncheon that day of his delight. Most especially on how people in the entertainment business and elsewhere share their stories of abuse without hesitation. Believing that music is able to capture every moment, Gil opened up that he, too, has experienced such moments.  In a heartbreaking confession, Gil shared that his case was in the hands of a junior high school gym teacher.

Inspired By a Childhood Trauma: “Forever Changed” by Vince Gil 1

Praising the crowd, he said that the bravery displayed by the survivors who have come forward inspired him to play “Forever Changed”. He wrote the song some years ago. Before playing the song, Gil, who was also a victim of sexual assault, shared,

“I was in seventh grade and a young dumb kid, and I had a gym teacher that acted inappropriately towards me and was trying to do things that I didn’t know what the hell was going on, and I was just fortunate I got up and I ran.”

Struck by the Experience, Penned a Song, Inspired Many

The song, which says,

“Too afraid to tell someone

You might as well have used a gun

She cries to Jesus to ease the pain

Because of you, she’s forever changed”,

…..is a reminder to Gil of how differently his life could have turned out if he hadn’t escaped. This was the first time he ever said a word about what happened to him on that day when he was only a child. It must have taken so much courage for Gil to share his experience.  Nevertheless, he has touched a lot of hearts and comforted many victims of the same case.

His song that day was a reminder for the victims to keep going.

Click the video above to see Gill’s emotionally shattering performance. Visit our website at https://www.countrythangdaily.com/ to watch more song dedications like this.


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