“For The Love Of God” is a contemporary Christian hymn released around 2011 as part of Kenny RogersThe Love Of God collection.

for the love of god

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Back in 2011 country superstar, Kenny Rogers released a collection of country gospel songs and inspirational songs in his music collection called The Love Of God. The collection gave us the more Christian side of Kenny Rogers and allowed us to hear his inspiring performances of songs like “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” “Peace,” “In The Sweet By And By,” and “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” to name a few.

While all these songs were very much appreciated there were some that fell into the shadows due to the fact that the other songs were already more popular and Kenny Rogers covering them made them rise higher in popularity.

There is nothing wrong with that, music that worships God is always a welcomed thing especially among Christians. However, due to this as well, some songs fail to get the recognition that they deserve, which is a shame since they are just as good as the popular ones.

One such song is the hymn titled “For The Love Of God,” where Kenny’s performance really shines through. It is an inspiring hymn with a wonderful message, and if you haven’t already.

Take a listen to it and praise the Lord for all that He does.

The message of “For The Love Of God”

The hymn speaks of servanthood or stewardship to the Lord. We, as Christians, have been very blessed by God and have received His love in so many ways.

He saved us countless times in the Bible, He created avenues for us in order to be able to reach him, He forgave us despite our sins, and best of all because He loves us so much, He gave us Jesus.

power of words, for the love of god

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In return, we, too, should be honored to serve back. As Christians, we have a duty to spread God’s love and grace. We have to remember to do that and to do it with love and joy in our hearts.

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