Short title, but it is one of many important reminders we need as ChristiansSometimes we focus on the wrong thing when we simply need to focus on God.


Finding our focus, it is simpler than we think. Image from Pixabay

The book of Daniel chapter 6 tells us about the rule of King Darius in the kingdom of Babylon. As a ruler, he was wise enough to employ a couple of people in order for him to delegate tasks and properly run the kingdom and advise him. One of those men employed was Daniel, favored by the king and was the head of these advisers. The others didn’t want Daniel in charge and plotted to get rid of him.


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The other advisers convinced King Darius to outlaw the worship of God since they knew Daniel was a believer. The law dictated that people should only worship the king and those who disobeyed were thrown into the starving lion’s den. Long story short, the king was placed in a bad position and had to throw Daniel in the lion’s den.

Daniel’s Story and Why We Focus On God


Daniel in the Lion’s Den, painting by Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Image from Flickr

When Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, he could have been scared, he could have decided to run into a corner and hide, find a weapon to fight, or plead to be released, yet he did none of those. Instead, he placed his focus on the Lord and knew he’d be alright.

We all do that today; we often focus on the problems in front of us and dwell on it. When we are thrown into the lion’s den, we end up panicking. We hide, we try to fight, we plead, yet we don’t seem to remember to focus on the one who can help us through it all.

Daniel knew that God wouldn’t leave him, that is why he was calm; he didn’t pay attention to the lions, but instead looked up to God. Daniel knew that God could simply command the lions to ignore him, and they did.

This event is a reminder for us to step back when we are thrown into the den and just look up. Let’s not dwell on the lions, but instead focus on the one who can make those lions go away. Always stay strong in our faith.

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