December 11

Will You Fly Away to Heaven with The Kossoy Sisters?

From a Christian perspective, our ultimate goal is to meet the Lord in heaven once we leave this planet. Of course, who wants to burn in hell for eternity where there will be a never-ending suffering. Meeting our creator face to face is a privilege for us, the believers. That day will be priceless. How about you? Are you ready to meet the Lord? Or are you still afraid because you are not ready yet? Well, I hope this hit from The Kossoy Sisters will clear up your mind.

The Identical Singers

This duo is well-known for their superb vocal harmony and instrumental technique. Also, they are known for their folk and old-time music genre which is not that popular nowadays. In addition, what makes them unique from other groups is that they’re sisters, who make a connection whenever they create a masterpiece. Well, I’m referring to The Kossoy Sisters who rose to fame in 1956.

Due to their great vocal close harmonies, their career skyrocketed when they started recording their first album. Anyhow, The Kossoy Sisters loved music since they were young and it also became one of their pastimes.

Flying to the Heavens

Christians always associate heaven as their ultimate paradise. Further, it will be a place wherein there is no pain, sorrow, and hate. It’s like a perfect place to be. Moreover, this description is just like the hit of The Kossoy Sisters’ “I’ll Fly Away” which was first released in 1924. Due to the hymn’s message of meeting the Lord in heaven, it was recorded and popularized by various artists. So, this hit was often used during worship services by various sects. I don’t know your beliefs and your point of view in life, but I hope that once you die, we will see each other in that paradise.


i'll fly away, The Kossoy Sisters

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