April 26, 2018

Saving a Broken Relationship in Just “Five Minutes”

Saving a Broken Relationship in Just "Five Minutes" 1Lorrie Morgan / (Photo credit: amazon.com)

Five minutes… Can you really fix or save a damaged relationship in just five minutes? Or, if you’ve been given the chance to do so, would you grab it? Country music artist Lorrie Morgan offers her partner that most crucial duration of time on her hit single. Reaching the top of the Hot Country Songs chart in 1990, the song became Morgan’s first No. 1 song. It also made a huge success in Canada reaching the Canada Country Tracks chart’s top 10. The song specifically peaked at No. 9.

Entitled “Five Minutes,” the tune was penned by Beth Nielsen Chapman. TheWhat Part of No” singer recorded it in 1989 on her gold-certified album Leave the Light On. Her record soared to No. 1 on the country chart in April 1990, three months after its release. In the late 1980s, another country music artist Pam Tillis also recorded the song during her stint with Warner Bros. Records. However, it was only in 1994 that her version was released on an album. The track was included on Pam Tillis Collection.

A Few Thoughts on the Lyrics

The song revolves around a scenario where the female narrator urges her lover to do something to repair their broken relationship. He has five minutes to do that. Otherwise, she will leave him as she can’t take things between them any longer. She’s called for a taxi and now heading to her place. But while the ride hasn’t arrived yet, she’s giving him a chance to change her mind. Based on the wordings the woman, although in pain, is still hoping that their relationship will be fixed. All she needed are words of affirmation from him. This is very apparent in the chorus, particularly, on these lines,

“You’ve got five minutes to get me to believe that you’re sincere

That’s not much time to change my mind

It’ll take a miracle, no doubt”

As the song and also the five minutes come to an end, the woman’s reinforcement grows stronger. She has already specified what he needs to say and do with the assurance that everything will turn out to be good.

“You can start with please don’t leave me / And end with I love you / And if you’d only kiss me / The way you used to do / You should see a miracle come true”

The tune ended with the narrator still asking him to take a chance on saving their relationship – in five minutes.

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