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Fitting Farewell for One of Singletary’s Final Recordings, ‘A Picture of Me’ with Vincent

A Picture of Me (Without You)’ arises across as a heartbreak song more so than a love song. But if you listen closely, you can tell that the narrator in the song isn’t without his or her special someone. Instead, they are pondering on what their life would be like if their sweetheart wasn’t part of it. One of the lines goes,

“If you’ve ever looked up at a sky with no blue, then you’ve seen a picture of me without you.”

In other words, the song is delivering that one would be missing a major part of the ‘picture’ without their special someone in their life.

Before: A Picture of Me (Without You)

Songwriters Norro Wilson and George Richey crafted the song ‘A Picture of Me (Without You)’ with one specific artist in mind. That artist was George Jones, and just as the writers desired, he was the first to ever record the song. Jones’ recording peaked as high as the fifth spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart following its release in 1972. The writers hoped that the song was the perfect fit for him. Undoubtedly, its chart performance confirmed it. Decades later, another country artist nearly matched Jones’ triumph with her cover of the song. That artist was Lorrie Morgan, who released her rendition in 1991. It was the, two years after her husband, country singer Keith whitey died.

The Song Performed in 2017, One of the Best Covers We Witnessed

Fitting Farewell for One of Singletary’s Final Recordings, ‘A Picture of Me’ with Vincent 1

Daryle Singletary and Rhonda Vincent gave the song a new attitude by transforming it into a duet. Their rendition of the song appeared on their 2017 album ‘American Grandstand’. Leading up to the album’s release, the two performed the song at The Nashville Palace. The two opened with blending voices and later took turns singing short solos. Through their hearty exchange, they managed to paint a beautiful portrait of love. Based on the crowd’s reaction, we’d say they were thoroughly charmed. Singletary and Vincent were label mates on Giant Records in the 1990s. The two sang on each other’s projects and remained close. As news of Singletary’s death broke, Vincent was one of the many artists mourning the loss saying,

“Daryle Singletary [was] one of the single greatest singers who ever sang a song. I loved singing with him. We shared a kindred spirit on and off the stage. I will miss him dearly.”

A fan happened to capture their 2017 performance on video. Watch the full video below and don’t forget to share with your special someone.



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