August 15

First TV Performance of Alan Jackson Proves He is Born a Star

Juggle your memory and try to remember your first meeting with Alan Jackson. Bet most would be through his concerts. Yet for a die-hard fan of AJ, this rare video was found, much to our own delight!

Even as a staff writer working in the mail room at The Nashville Network, Alan Jackson noticeably had it back then. He was not even among the contestants in that show “You Can Be A Star,” but was just filling in for a commercial break. Five years later, he had become one of our legends.

The footage was taken sometime in 1986 where anyone from the audience could be picked to perform. Back then, he was a regular bloke and funny how the host addressed him as Al. Whadd’ya say folks? Does the pet name give him justice?

Regardless, I love how through the years, Alan had not let fame and wealth get into his head. One notable instance was during the CMA Awards in 1999. He cut short his performance of ‘Pop Atop’ just so he could play “Choices” in honor of George Jones. Guessed we are all familiar with the buzz story behind it aren’t we? For Alan’s take on it, you might want to watch the interview below.

Our Man, Alan Jackson

Same goes with his songs. Alluring love songs aside, we can follow that most of his early songs have one theme. That is of keeping your feet on the ground and the satisfying simplicity of a commoner’s life. We can hear that from “Small Town Southern Man,”Little Bitty,” “Sissy’s Song,” “Little Man,” and “Country Boy.” Shouldn’t that be the same of our Country Music? That the only concept needed for a song to be patronized is the voice and the heart of the singer?


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