September 20

First Aid Kit Named a Song after Emmylou Harris

First Aid Kit, rising singing duo and sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg were inspired by Emmylou and Gram’s musical tandem that they decided to write a song about them. It’s a beautiful tribute created by young artists to a now legendary musician in the history and her mentor Gram. It’s sad that he was gone too soon.

Listen to their moving performance of their song called “Emmylou.” Harris herself was present at the scene. How touched she must have been by these girls.


How Emmylou First Knew of the Song?

I’m in luck because I happen to chance upon these words by Emmylou. Read her first thoughts when she heard the song the first time.

“I was in this little store in Adelaide, they’re playing music, I don’t know if it’s the radio or whatever it was, and this song came on, and I thought just as the guitars started, ‘This really sounds good’ And then the singing came and it made me stop. And then I heard the line about me and Gram and I said, ‘Oh, that’s the song that everyone’s been talking about!’ What a way to hear it. No expectations at all, and I was completely won over even before the chorus. You can really tell a song, something about how it moves in and pulls you in right away, even before the singing started, I wanted to know what it was.”

 – Emmylou Harris.-


In an interview with The Sun, the sisters explained that the song is basically saying that,

‘We may not be able to be together, but at least we can sing together.’

The lyrics were originally written by the two sisters, and the song is part of their album “The Lions Roar” (2012). The song peaked at #24 in Sweden and #20 in Norway.


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