August 3

Fireman and Puppy Melt Our Hearts, Show How Strong Friendships Form

An endearing little puppy was probably not expecting to be luckier after she was abandoned and left to starve and suffer from the cold.

When Mike, a firefighter from Sacramento, CA’s Fire Station 14 discovered the poor little Chunkie alone and tied up in the rainy streets, he did not hesitate one second to rescue the sick puppy. He felt awful for Chunkie because despite being left in the cold, no one even dared to help her out or claim her. People simply walked by her, not bothering to check whether she had already eaten or is safe from the rainy weather.

After Mike took Chunkie with him, he cleaned her up then brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter so that her medical needs could be attended to more adequately. The shelter welcomed the adorable puppy with open arms and made sure she feels warm, safe, and at home once again. They treated her and covered her in warm, comfortable clothing to keep her skin from getting infected.

Fireman and Puppy Melt Our Hearts, Show How Strong Friendships Form 1

The overwhelming love and care that Chunkie received made her so elated that it restored her health back to normal in no time. Still, even after she had found a new home in the shelter, that did not stop the pup from missing the man who saved her. Mike and Chunkie had already formed a strong, close bond from the time the kindhearted firefighter rescued her.

As such, imagine Chunkie’s surprise the following day when Mike gave her a surprise visit at the shelter! The fireman and the puppy’s reunion was so heartwarming and astonishing that it moved all those who witnessed it. After meeting with Chunkie the second time, Mike is now discussing his plan to adopt the cute, lovely pup with his family. Everyone who’s read about Mike and Chunkie’s touching friendship are praying and hoping so hard that the fireman gets a unanimous two thumbs’ up from his family so he can finally be reunited with Chunkie permanently.

Mike and Chunkie’s strong bond is a great example that we, humans can coexist well with animals and other living organisms in this world, if we just learn to value and take care of one another.

Watch the touching video of Mike and Chunkie below and try not to bawl your eyes out!


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