Josh Turner

Josh Turner is a living proof of the old country music sound of this generation. Indeed, he is the new era of honky-tonk. His style and his choice of music can be regarded to the panache of Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Little Jimmy Dickens and many more. His temperament differs him from other country artists. With his voice, the music, sound, and the melodies of yesterday can be heard once more.

“Firecracker” is one of the best songs to remember the honky-tonk in the past. Through the song, the legends seemed to be alive again. Lend your ears as we backtrack the music before in the persona of the old soul Josh Turner.


Josh Turner, himself, along with Shawn Camp and Pat McLaughlin wrote the words and lyrics of “Firecracker.” It was released in June 2007 as part of Turner’s album “Everything Is Fine.” The song placed at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Interestingly, the song was Turner’s fastest-rising single. “Firecracker” at number fifty-eight then it jumped from number four to number two.

Josh Turner Everything is Fine album

At the Grand Ole Opry, Josh Turner performed “Long Black Train” in 2001. It was also where he started his journey. After his performance and the release of his single “Long Black Train,” he was acknowledged and that began his rise to prominence. Despite the song’s inability to top the chart, the song was his breakthrough single which reached the hearts of the country music obsessives and platform.

Josh Turner

Josh Turner continued recording his songs. Unfortunately, he had a hard time topping his songs on the country charts. Finally, in 2006, Turner placed his very first number one single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart which is called “Your Man.” Then, more of his songs began to top the county charts.

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