God’s love is eternal and it never changes. Plus, no one can measure how deep His love is. Furthermore, He will always be there whenever you need Him. Just like what others say, God is the 24/7 911 whom you can run to anytime. In addition, there are a lot of gospel hymns to show His love and one of them is the hymn “Wings of a Dove” that was popularized by Ferlin Husky in the ‘60s. In addition, this song became one of the all-time favorites due to its message. If you haven’t heard the song, then better listen to it. It’s nice for those people who need to uplift their faith.

ferlin husky, wings of a dove, gospel

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The Matinee Idol: Ferlin Husky

He is one of the most famous personalities in the music scene since he started in 1945. Moreover, Ferlin Husky had a seven-decade fruitful career as an artist. Throughout his career, Husky was able to push two dozen songs in the Top 20 Billboard country. He also tried to sing other genres like honky-tonk, ballads, spoken recitations, and rockabilly. This only shows how talented he is and he was also included in the Country Music Hall of Fame. This singer from Missouri was remembered through his famous hits “Gone” and “Wings of a Dove.”

ferlin husky, wings of a dove, gospel

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Wings of a Dove, the song that made Husky Famous

This hit was written by Bob Ferguson in 1958, and it was popularized by the country singer Ferlin Husky in 1960. In addition, upon the song’s airing, it stayed at number one for ten nonconsecutive weeks. It seems like the audience favored the song very much and this was also included as one of the most favorite gospel songs of all time. Through time there have been numerous singers who made their own version of the song but it seems that Husky’s version is still the best. Don’t you agree?