November 7

God’s Sign of Love: Ferlin Husky’s “Wings of a Dove”

God has created us in his likeness, and He has bestowed upon us His love and grace. Also, love is innate upon humans so we can receive and reciprocate it. Maybe that is one easy thing that a human being can do. But, let’s go ahead and check Ferlin Husky’s definition of love.

“The Man of All Genres”

Ferlin Eugene Husky or commercially known as Ferlin Husky was an American country singer. Further, due to his versatility, he was able to adapt to different kinds of genres. In my opinion, that is an exceptional quality that a singer should possess. For this reason, he had two dozen top-20 hits on the Billboard Country Charts. Also, due to his matinee-idol looks, well, the boy next door type and his versatility, Husky stayed in business for seven decades.

His childhood was not as glamorous as other kids. Ferlin Husky grew up in a humble farm in Missouri. Moreover, he dropped out of high school and worked as a truck driver. His passion for music brought him in honky tonks, performing every night. As years went by, life got harder, so he switched jobs for him to survive. But, luck came, and he got his big break in 1940.

“Bob Ferguson Songs”

“Wings of Love” was popularized by Ferlin Husky in the 1960’s and upon its release, it slammed at no. 1 for ten weeks. Wow! That is a singer’s bragging rights, and sometimes it boosts their confidence to create more songs if they’ve received positive results. On the other hand, the song did a good job in the pop charts, and in Hot 100 it peaked at no. 12.

If we will dig deeper into the lyrics of “Wings of Love,” it portrays some events that happened in the Bible. Notably, the great flood, the baptism of Jesus, and casting out evil spirits. Also, it talks about the unconditional love of God. Sometimes, we will not think that this is possible to incorporate into a song, but Ferlin Husky just did it.


Billboard Country Charts, Ferlin Husky, Wings of Love

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