December 6

Rare Clip of Ferlin Husky and Patsy Cline Singing “Let It Snow”

From a 1960 appearance on “Jubilee USA” (aka the “Ozark Jubilee”), here is a Christmas song duet by Ferlin Husky and Patsy Cline, two enduring favorites of every true Country music enthusiast.

So, “Let it Snow” outside, but let our hearts and ears warm up to this classic pairing!

Now, there’s a debate about whether it’s Patsy Cline that’s singing with Ferlin Husky or not considering the video quality. A little research on Ozark’s listing of their guests’ appearances might help to confirm it. Furthermore, seasoned viewers of the Ozark affirmed the airing of this clip in one Saturday of December 1960. It was on that same night that Patsy also sung “Winter Wonderland” with the TV show host, Red Foley.

Patsy Cline’s Appearances in Ozark Jubilee

The Jubilee loves Patsy Cline as much as she loves her audience. She’s been on the show from 1956 to 1960. While in the show, Patsy Cline received the “Most Promising County & Western Female Artist” award from Billboard and the “Greatest Achievement in Records” from “Music Vendor” magazine.

Ferlin Husky’s Appearances in the Show

Prior to his move to the Grand Ole Opry, Ferlin Husky had first worked in Springfield, Missouri’s, Ozark Jubilee in 1955. After some time at the Opry, Red Foley successfully persuaded Husky to return to Ozark in 1960. Though he’s given up his Opry slot, being in the Ozark Jubilee was still a break for Husky. The show’s a national broadcast on radio and television.

While with the Ozark, Husky also met new promising entertainers, many of whom have proven their worth like Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, and Pat Boone. The collective efforts by all these stars for the Ozark effectively made ABC network compete with the Nashville broadcasts of the Grand Ole Opry show.


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