November 14

What Do You Feel About Shenandoah’s “I Want to Be Loved Like That”?

Shenandoah’s Fans should definitely recall the hit love song by the group entitled “I Want to Be Loved Like That”. For a good reason, the tune is part of a number of country love song list. Having beautiful song lyrics combined with a striking accompaniment, it enhances the meaning of the story. The real feelings behind experiences of pain and happiness of loving someone, undeniably, give the feels.

Through the powerful words of Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin, and Bill LaBounty,“I Want to Be Loved Like That” was born. Released in September 1993, it was the second single from the 5th album Under the Kudzu. “I Want to Be Loved Like That” debuted on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks for the week of October 9, 1993. On the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, the song spent twenty weeks there occupying the number 3 spot. Getting the number 2 and number 1 spots, respectively, on Gavin Report and Radio & Records (R&R) added to its popularity. Dated January 24, 1994, the song also peaked at number 4 on Canada’s RPM Country Tracks charts.

The affectionate song gives shout-outs to some of love’s greatest stories. These include the singer’s own mother and father and the famed Natalie Wood and James Dean. Unquestionably, it illuminates the fact that he, too, wants to be loved ‘like that’.

This is a song that many have fallen in love with. Amazingly, its YouTube views have now reached almost 8 million. In one comment by a fan:

“Sometimes I help out the cashiers at work by ringing up customers when we are super busy. An old man came through my line with flowers. He said they were for his wife and it was their anniversary. He was full of light and love as he talked about her. Then, he told me she had passed away this past September. He told me they were married for, well, over 60 years and still going strong. He choked up, said he was still very much in love with her. I was so heartbroken after he left, but also so amazed at the beautiful love that he had for his bride. I thought of this song”.

Listen and feel the rhythm and lyrics of the song here.l



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