February 9, 2018

When You Feel Like You’re Getting Old, Listen To Don Williams’ “Stay Young”

When You Feel Like You're Getting Old, Listen To Don Williams’ “Stay Young” 1

We all change, some of us stay, some of us go, others are young, but all of us grow. And yes, there are times we feel shattered, we feel we’re getting old, at this point of our lives, we must reflect and then pause for a moment, breathe in and breathe out, and listen to Don Williams’ “Stay Young”. It can definitely ease and make you feel young.

The Song…

“Stay Young” was written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle. They are Scottish Musical Duo composed of Bernard Joseph “Benny” Gallagher and Graham Hamilton Lyle. Their style consists mainly of pop, soft, and folk rock-oriented songs. The Song “Stay Young” is included from their album “Breakaway”.

On the other hand, Don Williams made his own rendition of the track that was loved by millions of people all around the world. As a matter of fact, the hit was William’s fifteenth No.1 song on the country charts. It stayed on the charts for a total number of thirteen weeks.

Moreover, on February 25, 1984, on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, Don Williams’ “Stay Young” surpassed other great songs and artists such as “Woke Up In Love” by The Exile at No.2, “I Never Quite Got Back” by Sylvia at No.3, “Going, Going, Gone” by Lee Greenwood at No.4, and “Elizabeth” by The Statler Brothers.

The Lyrics…

Oh, don’t you lose that light in your eyes
You’re never too old to love, never too late to try
When somebody needs you
Give ’em all you can give
When you’re livin’ to love and a lovin’ to live.

Stay young keep your wheels in motion
You’ve got everything that you need
Stay young with your rock n’ rollin’
All the best things in life for free.

Oh, don’t you feel like playin’ the fool
Just step out a line and break all the rules
Don’t you let them tell you, It’s not for you
Don’t go growin’ old, before you’re due.

The Message…

The message is simply telling us to enjoy life, do the things you love, and never regret the things you have done. As the lyrics say, all the best things in life are free. Above all, the song would like to inculcate us that it’s okay, sometimes, to step out the line and to break the rules, this is to clinch happiness. You’ve got everything you need to stay young and keep your wheels in motion. Life goes on and live life to the fullest.

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