November 13

Featuring the “Teddy Bear Song” for Barbara Fairchild’s 67th Birthday

Today, November 12 marks the 67th birthday of Barbara Fairchild. I wish her more Teddy Bear Birthdays to come. When someone gives or calls you a teddy bear, it means that they care about you and they love you. They value you like a child would value a teddy bear. It signifies how important you are to them as a person or as a special someone.  Sadly, one would wish that they become a teddy bear because of these symbolic meanings.

The Teddy Bear Song is a single in 1973 that was written by Don Earl and Nick Nixon. Country music vocalist Barbara Fairchild made this track famous. Released in December 1972, it took a while for it to become a hit. In March 1973, the song was Fairchild’s lone number 1 song on the Billboard Hot Country Singles. On the Billboard Hot 100, the song became a hit in pop reaching the number 32 spot in June 1973.

There have been many interpretations of the The Teddy Bear Song. Some say it is about broken relationships, for others it is about depression, and for the rest it gives hope. The song’s lyrics depict the carefree, simple existence of the teddy bear she wishes she were. A teddy bear not having to dream, cry, express other emotions—(except for a sweetly voiced “Hi, I’m Teddy. Ain’t it a lovely day?” programmed on a pull string-activated voice chip). What is more is not having regrets nor feeling sorry for itself.

The Music Vide0 “Teddy Bear”

Later in her career, Fairchild re-recorded the song and released an official music video with a title “Teddy Bear”. In the video, you can see a child dealing with her emotions for having witnessed her parent’s conflicts.

Several female country vocalists recorded cover versions of The Teddy Bear Song, including Jean Shepard, Connie Smith, Diana Trask, Barbi Benton and Tanya Tucker.

Having nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance by a female in 1974, The Teddy Bear Song did not win.



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