June 28

How Great the Father’s Love for Us

The name Stuart Townend may not ring any bell, but only a few will not be familiar with “In Christ Alone” and “Beautiful Savior.” Both have become staples in Christian worship services.

In 2005, he penned “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” which heavily drew in the strong awe of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 3:14-19. As expected from a worship leader, Townend brought the depth of God’s love to the surface through the endless reminder of Jesus’ wounds and life as our ransom.

When asked to talk about the hymn, Townend explained that his songwriting’s aim is to put more emphasis on God and less on the worshipper. As a worship leader himself, he has observed the trend on modern worships. The majority has shifted to hyper-emotionalism and a focus on self. Hence, his conscious decision to intentionally write in a manner that will make singers think of God’s wonderful attributes.

Have a listen to the song in full and judge for yourself Townend’s point.

“How Great the Father’s Love for Us”

Bits About Stuart Townend

How Great the Father’s Love for Us 1
Hailing from West Yorkshire, England, this son of a vicar has always been a music prodigy since childhood. He is the modern counterpart of renowned songwriters of old, Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley.

Townend does not oppose backbeat rock style common on contemporary worship songs. He, however, favors acoustic and folkish feel when it comes to his music. His band is encouraged to revive the sound of fiddles, whistles, flutes, clarinets, string quartets, accordions, banjos, and brass. He hopes to see these instruments make a come-back in church worships.

Aside from doing tours and leading worship, Stuart Townend has also made records. He has worked alongside other established Christian recording artists including Gary Sadler, Mark Edwards, Phil Baggaley and Matt Redman. Now in his 50’s, Townend continues to write songs about a broad range of content from God’s love, his wisdom, prayer and intercession, and Christian living.


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