November 2

On a Derelict Father and that Timely Song of Jimmy Wayne

In one post, I have written how no man on earth could make a daughter cry a river than her father. Like any young girl, she had looked up to her dad as a hero. Sadly and repeatedly, he crushed her heart. It was a cycle of a love-hate relationship. She would hate his guts for days, but not for long. So what will she do? Give him chances right? I say “chances” because she repeatedly moves herself to believe in him. Was it appreciated? Was he even thankful? I tell you, it was just like talking to a wall.

So she got smart. She stopped directly communicating with him. And what did he do? More to her pain, she saw him living loosey-goosey like he never had children. If that was what he is, then would it not be fair that she abandon hopes that he will someday change? Why compound your heartaches further?

They say dads would die to protect their daughters, but her dad lives only for himself. They say fathers would give everything to their little princesses, but her dad took everything away. They say a baby girl captures a father’s heart, but her dad knew nothing about love. He gets old and sickly, and his children come to show care. Again, were the efforts appreciated? Only in their wildest dreams.

For all his negligence, she grew resentful of her dad. Could she be blamed? But just as she thought she reached her breaking point to finally give up on her dad, in came a song with words to save and heal her broken heart.

I love you this much
I’m waitin’ on you
To make up your mind, do you love me too
However long it takes I’m never givin’ up
No matter what I love you this much
(song snippet)

Try not to cry with this tearjerker song of Jimmy Wayne called “I Love You This Much.”


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