May 22

Father-Daughter’s Epic Dance-Off Puts Pro Dancers to Shame

Father-Daughter’s Epic Dance-Off Puts Pro Dancers to Shame 1

After the pop track Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silento globally dominated radio stations and music channels on TV, a really adorable father-and-daughter pair were not spared from the infectious beats of the said song.

Before the two joined forces in their makeshift dancefloor, the young lass hit it off with a dance routine that packed a lot of energy and pizzazz. She moved with so much assertion and was definitely feeling the moment when all of a sudden, her dad joined in on the fun. Hobbling his way into the scene, he decided to add a comical but impressive twist to his daughter’s moves. The country-loving flannel-donning dad demonstrated dancing skills that were on par with his daughter’s, through moves like the Stanky Leg and The Carlton from classic TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His daughter didn’t seem to mind, and she continued to bust out her unrestrained dance moves. Soon, the girl made her exit, leaving her dad to continue enjoying the spotlight.

Viewers laughed so hard at the funny dance number and shared the video countless times all over the internet. There were also those who were pleading that the dad teach them his moves, while the rest commended the open and fun relationship that the father has with his daughter and vice versa.

Although it may not have been the usual father-daughter bonding moment we usually witness, viewers still responded positively to their excellent chemistry together and instantly grew fond of the youthful energy radiating from the lively dad. It was a heartwarming scene that reminded everyone the importance of letting loose and enjoying every moment spent with our loved ones.



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